About Us

DJ Mark creator and founder of The Mobile DJ App, LLC. started his DJ career way back when he was is 8th Grade! Starting with just two turntables, a mixer, and radio Mark built a very successful mobile DJ business which covered over 225 jobs/year from the mid 90's up until he sold his DJ business in 2006.

Mark's clients ranged from small school functions to events for major bank executives, professional athletes, actors, and actresses.

In 1997 Mark was the DJ for The Lion King on Broadway's Tony Award party!

Mark's diverse client list has helped him gain a diverse knowledge of music and cultures making him the perfect DJ for almost anyone!

These experiences led him to developing this revolutionary app that has the potential to change the Mobile DJ Entertainment Business, plus, change the way people listen to music.

This App is the next chapter in Mark's DJ career! Get ready for something special!!!