Music Mix Titles and Descriptions

Welcome MessaageHere is where we have briefly given you a verbal intro of the app with and without music.

Current Music Party MixesHere is where you will find all our latest music mixes. All mixes are approximately 1h 30m long.

4 Hour Party MixesThis section is where we have created 4 hour music mixes to mirror a typical private party. These mixes are created just as if we were right there DJing for you. We have cocktail music in the beginning, music to dance fast to, music to dance slow to, desert music, finale music.

The Classic Party MixesIn this section you can find general listening music ranging from 40's to today's music. Plus Latin, Classic Rock, Hip Hop, Dance, R&B, Love Songs, Modern Rock, Reggae/Soca, Country, and more...

Ethnic Party MixesThis section is where you will find out Latin Music Mixes, Reggae Mixes, Caribbean Mixes, and much more.

All Other Party MixesIn this section you will find music mixes for general music needs. You will find music for children, Work Out Mixes, Music for Sporting Event Activities, and much more!

Coming Soon!This section contains our future additions to the app.
One of our goals is to feature local bands who have a following and new bands and artists trying to make it in the music business.